Tuesday, November 8, 2011

FRINGE Episode 4.02 (One Night in October)


This episode centers on a serial killer from the Alternative Universe who kills individuals from the inside out.  He extracts their happiest memories and by doing so, he causes their brains to freeze, thereby killing them (via Cerebral Hypothermia).  He does this since he has no happy memories of his own, which is why he became a serial killer in the first place.  In order to help with the case, the Alternative Universe asks our Fringe division for help, specifically requesting the help of a Forensic Psychologist from our Universe that happens to be the mirror image of the serial killer in the Alternative Universe. Some thoughts:

- In the beginning of the episode, Walter is covering all the objects in the lab that could give off a reflection, which I think was a great call back to the previous episode where he saw Peter’s reflection in the mirror and TV.  Peter finds another way to communicate with Walter- by appealing to his sense of hearing.  Now Walter thinks he’s going crazy- seeing things and hearing things, which is a sad thing to see.  Based on the interviews with the producers, it seems that Peter can see what is going on with Walter in a world where Peter doesn’t exist.  So, I wonder if Peter will carry this knowledge when he reappears (because he better!).  Also, does Peter know what is going on with the other characters in this new world?

- I think the name “Man in the Mirror” (which is what Walter calls Peter) is very suitable for the character Peter. Most notably, the word “Mirror” is interesting when applied to Peter.  Peter is the only character on the show who doesn’t have a double of himself.  When you look at a mirror, you see a double of yourself.  The title also alludes to the song “Man in the Mirror” by Micheal Jackson.  One of the song’s verses is the following: “I’m looking at the man in the mirror/I’m asking him to make a change/and no message could have been clearer/if you want to make the world a better place.”  Could this allude to Peter and what his purpose will be in Season 4?

- Astrid’s relationship with Olivia is closer, but her relationship with Walter is a bit more distant compared to how things were before Peter got himself erased.  When Astrid asks what is troubling Walter, he doesn’t tell her whereas he definitely would have in a world with Peter in it. Also, Astrid got the line of the night when she told Olivia: "Maybe your type doesn’t exist."

- I absolutely loved the scenes between Olivia and AltOlivia (Olivia from the Alternative Universe).  Anna Torv is a very gifted actress and the special effects were flawless- it looked so real that I started to wonder if Anna Torv secretly had a twin somewhere.

- The theme of the episode was finding light in the darkness and that even though those we love are gone or even if we don’t remember those that were important to us, we will always remember what they taught us since they leave an imprint on our hearts that can never be erased.  I really teared up when John was talking about Marjorie and when he was talking about his memories of her to AltJohn.  This quote particularly touched me: “I could never understand how someone so good could love something so dark.”  I think we’ve all had moments in our lives where we wondered about this, moments where we could only see the darkness inside of ourselves.  I can also relate to not remembering someone clearly, but recalling with absolute clarity the lessons that they’ve taught me.

I thought that this was a wonderful episode of Fringe.  I really wish more people watched Fringe.  I usually watch shows because I love the couples that are at the heart of the show- most of the time, I don’t really care about the plot, I just want to see what happens with the couple.  But, Fringe is one of the VERY FEW shows where I actually care more about the plot since it is so interesting.  Please consider watching Fringe- it’s a wonderful show that is truly UNLIKE ANYTHING  ELSE ON TELEVISION RIGHT NOW!

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