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Fringe Episode 4.07 (Wallflower)- Part II

- The scene between Olivia and Nina was very insightful and definitely served to move Olivia’s story forward. Upon learning that Eugene was experimented on by Massive Dynamic, Olivia became indignant, even when Nina claimed that herself and Bell did not know about the project. This indignant Olivia reminded me of the old Olivia and I was hopeful for a moment. When Nina told Olivia that Eugene might have died if they had not experimented on him, Olivia responded by saying that he might have been better off. This goes back to the theme that was touched on in Subject 9- the idea that experimentation ruins our lives in unimaginable ways and that often, we just might be better off dead.

- The conversation between Peter and Lincoln was also very insightful. As I’ve touched on before, it is interesting that the only person that is treating Peter like a person and who is acknowledging his existence is Lincoln, the one person who has known him the least. Two important conclusions are drawn from their scene together. Firstly, Peter has concluded that the Olivia in the Amberverse is not his Olivia and therefore, he’s not jealous of Lincoln’s feelings towards her. A lot of fans had huge problems with this whole scene. Some questions that have been asked: How can Peter not even feel the slightest bit of jealously towards Lincoln because of his feelings? How can Peter not love this Olivia even a tiny bit since she looks exactly like his Olivia and she is very similar to his Olivia in personality? When Peter fell for AltOlivia in Season 3, the repercussions of that relationship were huge and his subsequent fall out with Olivia was very painful for the both of them. Such an experience has such a negative connotation in his mind and the pain that he caused Olivia is so engrained in his memory, that he is determined to separate the two Olivias in his mind and separate how he feels towards both of them. Peter has a very strong aversion towards making the same mistake again. As someone who is well aware of the fact that there is more than one of everything, the idea that this Olivia is a different Olivia requires no stretch of his imagination. If he were to realize that this Olivia is his Olivia, but is a little changed due to the fact that she never had him in her life, his feelings towards her would change in a positive way although I bet that he would probably be very cautious still towards loving her due to his past experiences with different “versions” of her. I have no problems with the relationship between Olivia and Lincoln in this timeline, as long as it is established that this Olivia is not Peter’s Olivia. I just have a problem with the fact that the relationship took on such a major part in this episode when it probably should not have. The writers have promised us that Peter and Olivia will find each other again and that we’ll appreciate it much more when it does happen because of the journey that we had to go through to get there. I just hope that they don’t pollute or taint the relationship on the way to the destination.

- The second important conclusion that was drawn from the conversation between Lincoln and Peter was the fact that Peter was going to use the machine to find his way back to his timeline. He feels that if the machine was powerful enough to snap him out of his own timeline, it should be powerful enough to snap him back into it. Peter was eliminated due to the fact that when he built a bridge to bring the two worlds together, a balance was created and anything that would contribute to its imbalance was eliminated (i.e. Peter). I don’t know if the machine itself eliminated Peter with its powers or whether the circumstances of time did it or whether the observers had a direct role in eliminating Peter (they did so indirectly by orchestrating events up to this point). We (or at least, I) still don’t know the specifics of exactly what contributed to Peter’s elimination and even less if known about how Peter was able to come back and why the timeline hasn’t reverted (or at least reacted) to his appearance. When he disappeared, I think that he was sent to “limbo-like” plane and since he wasn’t fully erased by September, Peter was able to be retrieved and brought back into existence. When he returned, he weakened the space-time continuum such that time distortions (such as the ones created by Raymond) could occur. But, nothing has been done to indicate that “time” is trying to eliminate him again, or accommodate him or threaten his existence, which I find to be very odd. I don’t know if the machine is the answer and if it is, Peter will have to probably re-organize the parts in some way so that the machine’s functions can be modified to carry out new functions. I was reading a review of the episode on Fringe Bloggers and a very interesting point was brought up. If Peter has decided that he needs to go back to his original timeline, is it possible that he could undo (or even cheapen) the sacrifice that he’s made? Has he thought about this? Is there a legitimate reason why he needs to go back to his own timeline other than the fact that he simply wants to? Even if he had selfish reasons for wanting to go back, I would understand since I would be compelled to do the same if I were in his situation. Maybe he has thought of a way to go back while keeping the bridge (and the peace) that he made intact. In addition, you could argue that it is troubling that after seeing how those he loves have changed in this timeline, he is not propelled to help them in some way. In Peter’s defense, according to him, Walter is the only one who seems to have gotten worse as a result of Peter’s absence and it is understandably difficult for Peter to do anything about that when Walter is so resistant to having anything to do with Peter. To Peter, Olivia seems to actually be better off in this timeline, but Peter doesn’t probably know the true extent to which her life is being threatened and he knows nothing about the “hole” in her life that she told Lincoln about. He doesn’t know the extent to which she needs him and if he did, there’s no doubt in my mind that he would help her. He already has been helping her, actually, by helping Lincoln woe her. He knows that he will be leaving and so he wants her to have someone in her life when he is gone. I really think that this timeline will be merged with the old one since they are taking such pains to develop these “new” characters.

- When Lincoln asked Peter whether he WAS still with Olivia in his timeline, Peter replies by saying that they ARE. He uses the present tense as a way of saying that they are still together some place and at some time.

- When Walter was doing his demonstration in the lab with the two lab rats, I kept wishing that Peter was in the scene since he always has something witty or smart to say about how ridiculous Walter and his experiments are. He probably would have brought up the subject of the invisible mouse breeding or something.

- As a Peter/Olivia shipper, I was annoyed at how there was a lot of interaction between Peter and Lincoln and between Olivia and Lincoln, but very little interaction between Peter and Olivia. It’s like they are dead set against interacting with each other. They probably don’t see the point of it since to Peter, Olivia is indifferent towards him and seems better off without him and to Olivia, Peter is determined to return to his timeline and thus, there’s no point in getting to know him since he’ll be gone and he doesn’t seem to need her help. I loved the little scene that they had near the end of the episode (the only scene that they had together!). It really represents the different paths that they are taking this season. They are on the same blue pathway in the office, but Olivia is just coming in and Peter is going out after having just talked with Lincoln. They are on the same path, but heading in different directions. For as long as we’ve known Peter and Olivia, their objectives and goals have always been the same, but in this season, their objectives are different and I hope that the writers find some way to bring them back together again, on the same page.

- When Olivia had her final conversation with Nina, she asked Nina whether the cortextiphan trials that she was apart of when she was younger had stunted her emotionally since she noticed that she doesn’t respond the way that she is “suppose” to towards the work that she does (something that she has noticed just now due to the fact that she is starting to compare her reactions to Lincoln’s) and that she doesn’t feel the need to talk to other people about it. It may be because she, like Peter, is so used to her line of work that she has become desensitized to the horror of the cases that she investigates. Even in this timeline, you can see the parallels between Peter and Olivia. Both are unfazed by the work that they do and both don’t really feel the need to talk to other people about their feelings (Olivia doesn’t feel the need to talk to other people about her work and Peter doesn’t feel the need to talk to other people regarding his current predicament). Nina tells her that she will eventually find her place in the world and that when the time in right, she will know it. This really echoes Peter’s situation since he is someone who feels perpetually displaced and only with Olivia does he feel like he belongs somewhere. I have a feeling that Peter and Olivia will once again find each other when the timelines merge and will realize that they where they belong is with each other.

- I felt bad for Lincoln at the end when he was waiting for Olivia at the diner since I knew that somehow Olivia wouldn’t show up. But, honestly, all I could think of was the fact that Olivia and Peter usually would meet up at bars, not cafes! Coffee is not strong enough for either of them! :) I thought that it was a nice callback to “Jacksonville” when they showed how Olivia was getting ready to meet up with Lincoln, getting her hair ready and everything. I couldn’t help but notice that she kept her hair up for her date with Lincoln, but put her hair down in “Jacksonville” for her date with Peter. Does this mean that she is still unsure regarding her relationship with Lincoln? This would make sense since she hasn’t known him very long and it took her much, much longer to get to that point with Peter. Hmmmm....interesting. :)

- I was surprised by the ending since it wasn’t alluded to in previous episodes or anything. Just as Olivia was ready to get going, her apartment started to fill up with smoke which knocked her unconscious. Some gentlemen came into the room and gave her an injection of Cortexiphan and erased the evidence of their presence on the camera in her apartment. Either that or they replaced the batteries on the camera, I’m not sure. When the woman overseeing this whole procedure was shown, it was revealed to be Nina and she didn’t look sorry at all or guilty. Nina is quite honestly such a confusing character because her actions are not always consistent. She was nice, encouraging and comforting to Walter in Novation and in this episode, she is reassuring to Olivia. The end begs a lot of questions regarding what is going on: Why are they injecting Olivia with Cortexiphan? Did the injections just start recently since the headaches have just started or are the two unrelated? If Cortexiphan is stunting Olivia’s emotions, how is it doing this since isn’t the drug suppose to heighten her emotions, allowing her to more readily access her emotions of fear and love so that she can cross over? Does Olivia’s plotline tie together with Peter’s situation? If so, how? Are Nina’s intentions good or evil? I’m guessing that the reason why Nina adopted Olivia and her sister is so that she could continue to experiment on Olivia with Cortexiphan. Maybe, during the trials, they saw that Olivia was the only child who showed potential, but before they could tap into that potential (as Walter ultimately did in “Subject 13”), she ran away. I’m assuming that Nina is starting the Cortexiphan (again? whose knows how many times they’ve tried to do this since Nina adopted Olivia) since the headaches just started, but why now? If she wants Olivia to cross over (does she know that the Cortexiphan will allow Olivia to do that?), what does Nina hope to gain by allowing Olivia to do that? Why can’t Nina just use the bridge to cross over if it is so important to her? Why is Olivia necessary to do this? Does Nina know what triggers Olivia’s ability? Does the start of these injections have anything to do with Peter’s reappearance? Does Nina suspect that Peter reappearance is affecting Olivia more than she lets on? Is Nina, like all of us, a frustrated Peter/Olivia shipper and she refuses to let Olivia go out with anyone other than Peter?  The last question is a joke, of course, but there are so many questions that this brings up and I hope that we get some answers when we come back from the winter hiatus.

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