Tuesday, November 8, 2011

FRINGE Episode 4.01 (Neither Here Nor There)


- When we first see Lincoln Lee and his partner Robert in the beginning of the episode, I swear that I thought that they were a couple.  How could Peter’s disappearance change Lincoln from being a heterosexual male to being a homosexual one?  Thankfully, Robert’s wife came on the scene and this proved to not be the case.  But, it was a funny moment of confusion for me.  :)

- When Olivia meets Lincoln for the first time, he demands to speak with someone else from the Fringe team.  Olivia simply replies that “there is no one else.  There’s just me.”  That part made me feel really sad since Peter is always there with Olivia at the scene of the crime.

- When I think about how Olivia was presented throughout the course of the episode, I think my mind goes back to the pilot episode where she was equally cold and adrift.  I rewatched episode 6B from season 3 after I watched the season 4 premiere and I was so surprised by how lively and warm she was even though she was mad at Peter throughout the episode (6B).  She really gets the point across that there’s something missing.

- I loved the scene where Olivia calmed down Walter when he freaked out in the lab.  It was the closest that I came to crying in the episode since I remembered how Peter used to do that for Walter.

- When Olivia and Lincoln Lee were in the car and she started to talk about her former partner, a part of me was hoping that she meant Peter, but she ended up talking about John Scott.  It was the first time in the episode where I remember thinking: “Oh, God, she really doesn’t remember Peter, does she?”

- I don’t know why the “Over there” Olivia seemed so cocky throughout the episode.  Maybe because without Peter, she wasn’t humbled as much?  Peter made her realize that the people in both worlds were not so different from each other.  Maybe she’s overly cocky now because she never became sympathetic to the plight in our world??

- I think that Lincoln Lee is a great addition to the cast, but I hope that his presence doesn’t eclipse that of Peter’s, who is the character that really matters.  Once Peter comes back, I wonder what Lee’s role will be?

- Proving that the Observers continue to be beyond cool, I was thrilled that September didn’t push the button that would have permanently erased Peter from existence.  Maybe, like August, he became emotionally attached and invested in the loving relationship that both Bishop men shared with each other and he didn’t want to erase something so precious.

I think that this season is off to a great start and I can’t wait for the next episode.  I just hope that they won’t drag Peter’s disappearance out for too many episodes.  I want Peter back and soon.  Not having him in the episode was too distressing!

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