Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New FRINGE Promo

I think that this promo is absolutely awesome and definitely gets me excited for the upcoming 2 episodes of Fringe that we’ll have this year.  My only worry is that we won’t see the final scene in this promo until January since this promo may be for the next three episodes, including the one that will air in January.  I know this because in the promo, there’s a scene of Peter in his black and blue checkered peacoat that he wears in Episode 04.08.

The final scene surprised me a bit when I first saw the promo and I think that it’s probably a dream sequence, but I’m not sure whose dream it is.  It could be one of Olivia's dreams, alerting her to the fact that Peter has posed as a problem to her before.  It could also be one of Peter's dreams, posing as a way for his subconscious thoughts to come to the surface- the knowledge that he is a big problem/paradox in this timeline and that his presence may be harming Olivia emotionally in some way.  This goes back to an original idea that I had which centers on the fact that Olivia is actually a lot healthier emotionally in this timeline.  Peter's presence threatens the new timeline and could possibly serve as a catalyst for the old timeline returning.  In the old timeline, Olivia seemingly is much worse off.  Thus, Peter's presence would be a problem for her.  I can't imagine how painful it will be for Peter once he realizes that Olivia is better off having never known him. 

Friday can’t come fast enough!

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