Saturday, November 12, 2011

Quotes from FRINGE Reviews: TV FANATIC

Some words from TV Fanatic on Episode 04.06 (And Those We Left Behind)

“It appears a lot of the viewing audience feels it’s time that Olivia gets her due. I feel perfectly fine giving this time to Peter. He supported Olivia as she dealt with her kidnapping, and Walter as he reintegrated into society. Even though Peter Bishop was the key to two universes, Josh Jackson was a secondary player on Fringe. It turns out he has the same powerful acting chops we’ve seen with the others. In short, he belongs with this wonderful cast.”

“That Peter was the only one on the team who was experiencing the jumps should have been telling, but it took them a while to figure out he had a connection to what was happening. The jumps were done so well - how he was in the middle of a sentence sitting in a car and finished it, hand gestures and all, walking on the street. The brilliant minds of the Fringe producers.”

The jumps were done REALLY well.  My reaction was similar to Peter’s: At first, I was amazed and surprised, but by the time the third jump came around, I was a little annoyed (pleasantly so!) by all the interruptions!  :)

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