Saturday, November 12, 2011

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Review of Episode 04.06 (And Those We Left Behind)

“Tonight’s episode of Fringe, “And Those We’ve Left Behind,” was a Twilight Zone-ish episode, in that it blended science-fiction with philosophy and asked those impossible-to-answer questions you can spend all night answering: “Can you love a different version of the person you love? Is your love for someone built by the shared experience of your relationship, or the person?” It was old-school, and I loved it.”

“We know, as does Peter, that he’s fated to be with Olivia, but this Olivia isn’t blessed with copies of the first three season of Fringe on DVD, and doesn’t know what she missed. It raises the question of whether this Olivia will ever be able to love Peter the way she once did. Will fate push them together in a different way? Can they rebuild their relationship again by spending time together, as they did in another timeline? Or has the window on their relationship closed, forcing Peter to find his way back “home” to have a chance with Olivia? It’s an aching examination of fate, destiny, and other terms we throw around when we meet that special someone we think we’re supposed to spend the rest of our lives with.”

“I tried to put myself in both Raymond’s and Peter’s shoes, and it wasn’t pretty. Would I try to make this “new” person love me again? Would I try to figure out a way to go back to the “old” person and revive that love? Would I crumple to the ground and scream, “Why me!?” Yes, yes, and definitely yes.”

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