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I really would like this blog to be a "community" for Peter and Olivia fans.  Honestly, I think that it would be really boring if I wrote all the posts and if you read only my opinion on this blog.  Thus, whenever possible, I will try to devote posts to the comments that are made on this blog so that you can read other people's perspectives on things and read what I have to say regarding such perspectives.  Today, I received the following fantastic comment in response to my post titled "A little rant."

"I watched the video, where Josh said that back in the day. What can I say? They missed the chance to make the show truly great. They had this character with so much potential, the center of the show and they kept dropping the ball for no reason at all. The show has never felt complete, because they have been too lazy or too unwilling to commit to tell a story about all the main characters, and don't get me wrong, I also think Olivia is rather half-baked, but she gets more focus and therefore she's somewhat more developed. Only Walter feels more complete, maybe because his story is also complete."

I agree completely with you in that they have missed quite a lot of opportunities to allow Peter to shine as a character in his own right.  Fringe does have a lot of plot holes, but so do most television shows that are on the air right now.  There are always things that shows pursue, but end up dropping a few episodes later for various reasons.  I actually DO feel like Fringe has showed a great deal of commitment in telling great stories with our main characters.  I honestly love the 1985 storylines in PETER and SUBJECT 13 since I feel like the stories are strong and true and provide such a strong foundation for the present-day stories in Fringe (ALERT: I'll be posting a post later about my theories regarding the glaring plot inconsistency in SUBJECT 13).  Walter's story arch was beautifully started in Season 2 and was partially completed just as well at the end of season 3 (where he reached the point where he was willing to give up Peter).  He still has some way to go before his story is complete since I feel like he needs to grow up a bit more such that he's in a place where he can be more of a father to Peter.  Olivia's story line was pretty awesome in Season 3 and Anna Torv proved what an amazing actress she is.  In relation to the major story in season 3 (the machine and it's potential to destroy worlds), I feel like Alt-Olivia benefited much more from the switchero since it made her see that both worlds are equally worthy for survival.  For our Olivia, she became much more aware of her insecurities and she was able to overcome them which enabled her to have a meaningful (short) relationship with Peter.  Regarding her journey, she needs to overcome her feelings about her childhood and she needs to realize that the trials don't define who she is as an adult.  Her issues regarding her father need to be resolved or addressed and her hesitancy towards having children needs to be addressed as well.  If Season 2 was Walter's season and season 3 was Olivia's season, then I think that season 4 is Peter's.  If this is the show's last season (and I hope that it isn't), then it would make sense to end the show with an exploration of the event that started Walter's investigation into Fringe science in the first place- Peter and his abduction.  For Peter, his journey is all about finding his home, resolving his father-issues, and reconciling the tension between him and his biological parents.  In a future post, I'll be talking about what my hopes are for each character in season 4.

"The part that gets me is that they lied and deceived and misdirected the fans all this time. They never planned to focus this season on Peter at all. They simply said that to calm down the fans, that demanded more focus on him. So they spent the time making him the focus of interviews and promos, they said this would be Peter's season, only to ram Lincoln and Olivia down our throats in the end. They are the focus this season, not Peter, he still doesn't matter to them at all.  The result is that this malcontent and betrayed viewer will finish this season and that's it. I don't care if it's renewed and I don't care about their future shows, these producers have been blacklisted."

As distressed as I am about how the first couple of episodes this season have been handled with regards to Peter, I think that it is too early to claim that the show is not making Peter the focus this season.  Although Peter was barely in the first few episodes of this season, these episodes were all about the importance of the connections that Olivia and Walter had made with Peter and how their lives are so different for not having those connections.  Sometimes the initial first couple of episodes will be lackluster because the focus is not necessarily on wowing the audience, but instead the focus is to build momentum so that the audience can be wow'ed later in the season by a story line for which the foundations were laid at the beginning of the season.  I hope that the episodes that are shown next year will help to illuminate important things that were hinted at in the first couple of episodes- maybe they are more important than we give them credit for.  After the "Hiatus from Hell" is over, we will be getting 7 episodes of Fringe in a row and only after episode 14 airs, will the show be going on another hiatus.  I am planning on holding my judgment on the whole Peter story line until episode 14.  I honestly think that there's a reason why Lincoln and Olivia's relationship took center stage in Wallflower, a reason that I think won't be made clear until episode 8 airs.  I think that the writers showed the relationship blossoming as a way of distracting the viewers from the fact that this Olivia is our Olivia.  If viewers see that she is developing a relationship with Lincoln, then they will be resolute in their belief that this is not our Olivia.  Again, I'm going to hold my judgment until I've seen more episodes. 

Thanks again to Anonymous for their comment.  Keep the comments coming!


  1. My issue is not the love story between Lincoln and Olivia. It is fine to develop it on screen, although I'd prefer it if didn't take up so much screentime. The first seven episodes have established that Peter's role in their lives in the original timeline has been taken up by different people, that accomplished the same thing, call it Replacing Peter. The characters might have changed a little, Walter in particular, but the events of crossing over, seeing both Peters die and starting a war between two universes must necessarily affect him the most. Olivia on the other hand is practically the same. But whatever the slight differences are, I don't think the writers have done a good job at showing how necessary Peter was in their lives.

    I don't think it's too early to decide if the producers have lied or not. They have a history of lying about storylines for Peter and the focus they would give him, but I don't have to rely on what they said and what they did in the past seasons, you just have to compare how they wrote the Season of Olivia and how they're writing the Season of Peter. 1 episode out of 7 had him as the center of the story, when we should have seen this new world through his eyes all this time. The Season of Olivia was about Olivia ALL THE TIME, except for a couple of episodes.

    When the main actor of your show cannot hide the truth anymore and has to acknowledge his character is just a plot device, you should address the issue and try to correct it, not to mention feel some shame. However, Joshua Jackson also said that this is not going to change and I believe him. The facts support him. They are still using him as plot device.

  2. I strongly believe that for Walter and Olivia, Peter is unique and irreplaceable. I agree with you in that, so far, the show hasn't shown this as well as it could have. But, if the episodes after the hiatus are anything like "And Those We Left Behind" then the show will be forgiven, in my eyes. :)

    You're absolutely right in that Olivia's character was definitely treated better during season 3 compared to how Peter's character is currently being treated, but it's also important to keep in mind that the plot lines were very different and required different things. I'm persistent in my belief of holding off my overall judgement until I've seen a couple of more episodes.

    What Jackson said is true since certain characters are just designed the way that Peter is- they are a source of conflict and they serve to help move the plot forward since they are so heavily involved in things. Seriously, although season 3 was all about Olivia for the most part, Peter was the primary force moving the plot forward. The end of season 3 was a good start though in helping to develop the character more and so hopefully, we'll see more of that after the hiatus.

    Thanks again for such a wonderful comment! I'm glad to have you as a reader! :)


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