Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fantastic Comment!

I just received a fantastic comment from a reader and I really wanted to not just share it with all of you, but also give you my thoughts on several great things that the comment mentioned.  The comment was made in response to the following post: Thoughts on Episode 4.08 (Back to Where You've Never Been).

"This is such a well-thought out, compartmentalized theory! I love it.”

First of all, thank you so much for leaving a comment! I always love hearing other people’s thoughts about certain aspects of Fringe- that’s part of the fun of being apart of such an intelligent and devoted fan base. Your comment was so wonderfully written.

“And, yes, I concur about the bit in which you spoke about Peter being rescued. I mean, I love the prospect of Olivia coming after Peter and saving him but, seriously, he was essentially a criminal before they met and I'm sure he could handle himself then. And he can do the same thing now.”

I absolutely agree! It’s very tempting to think that Olivia will rescue Peter, but a part of me wants Peter to rescue himself since he’s more than capable and you’re right, he was a criminal (and I use that term loosely) prior to joining the Fringe team. He’s very smart and intelligent and I think that the writers would be doing the character a huge favor by showing him saving himself. Peter’s just so resilient and I wish the writers would show that more. When I look at Peter and Olivia, I see two people who are so resilient and strong and who have such a strong desire to survive whatever is thrown their way. By emphasizing this aspect of Peter, the relationship between Peter and Olivia will be much more believable (more so than it already is).

“But... what if he realizes that her coming after him is the ONLY way to get her memories to come back?”

That’s such an interesting theory! But, how would he figure that out? He seems so dead set against this Olivia that I wonder how he would muster up the faith to believe that she will cross over and rescue him, especially when he is on one side (Over there) and she is on the other (Over Here). This would be a really good idea and it would provide a very interesting twist. I hope that something like this happens. If it does, it would probably occur over two episodes, with episode 8 ending on a cliffhanger when he realizes what he has to do to trigger Olivia’s memories of him. I would really like to hear any other thoughts that you have about this theory!

“Also, I am a firm believer that this Olivia/Universe are his. It's just his Universe is without... well, him. The Olivia lying down in the promo got me nervous, but JJ Abrams is a massive troll, and your "lying down and dreaming/thinking" scheme is both plausible and realistic.”

The more episodes I see, the more that I believe, like you, that the Amberverse Olivia is his Olivia, she’s just different since she’s never had Peter in her life. Why else would they be developing these characters so much? I firmly believe that the timelines are going to merge. SPOILER: The “distance” between Peter and the other characters is the major source of conflict in the season so far and I think that they’ll be dragging this out a bit since John Noble said in an interview that Walter will begin to warm up to Peter by the end of the season. This could change depending on the direction that the plot goes and whether or not the show is renewed for another season. Thus, the timelines will merge, but somehow the “distance” conflict will still remain. It will be exciting to see all this unfold. Also, when the timelines merge, there will be an additional factor to take into consideration regarding the relationship between Olivia and Peter, a conflict that is centered around the fact that Olivia remembers a life without Peter AND she also remembers a life with him. I think that this will make the relationship a lot more interesting than it is now which is not saying much since ANYTHING would be a lot more interesting than how things are now between the two of them (Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that episode 4.07 holds the record for the shortest among of time that Peter and Olivia interacted together in a single episode that they both were present in.  Hell, they even interacted more when they were in two different universes!). 

JJ Abrams IS a massive troll and I fully believe that anything is possible!


I could not have said it better myself! I pray for this every night! :)

“I don't know if Walternate not knowing Peter's alive with benefit or hurt. I mean, did the hope of finding his son make him do the things he did before, or was he acting on his anger that he had been taken and he had no closure? Who knows but those troll-y writers. VIVA LA FRINGE~!”

Whether Peter’s presence will benefit or hurt Walternate- That’s really THE question, isn’t it? We know that him and Peter will meet up in episode 8 and I honestly don’t know what his reaction will be. Walter and Walternate tend to be two sides of the same coin and so it would be an interesting twist if Walternate was warm towards Peter upon realizing that he is alive (which would contrast to Walter’s coldness towards Peter). I think that in the old timeline, the hurt that he felt is what motivated Walternate’s actions which is why he’s made a lot of bad choices. If he was motivated by hope in being reunited with Peter, he would have come across as a more positive character and would have treated Peter better when Peter meet with him initially in the season 2 finale (a meeting that was unfortunately very short). A lot of what Walternate has done, I feel, is motivated by anger, but he’s such a complicated character that we may never know what really motivates him.

Long Live FRINGE!  :)

I would love to hear everyone else's thoughts on the above topics/points!  Thanks again to the person who commented!

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