Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Little Rant

I just wanted to bring to your attention an old quote made by Joshua Jackson during the interview rounds at the beginning of Season 4. 

“To a certain extent, Peter is the MacGuffin of the show,” Jackson told The News. “So we have this ensemble cast and he’s the guy who lots of things are about, but who doesn’t get to do a lot of things. That’s who he is, that’s what the character is, so I can get frustrated all I like, but it’s not going to change.” - Joshua Jackson talking about his character Peter


It’s sad, but very true. So many issues revolve around Peter- so much of what goes on in this show revolves around his kidnapping and the fact that he is from another universe. Everything revolves around him and the main characters rely on him a great deal, yet I still know so little about him. Peter is the ultimate plot device, serving as a way to push other characters forward which is unfortunate. I was so excited when I heard that he would be the focus for season 4 since I was literally, like, “finally, we get to learn more about Peter.” But, so far, he’s been in this season so little- he was in the first 7 episodes of season 3 more. I just don’t understand, why would they treat a character like this? And every relevant plotline that he’s had, has been dropped abruptly. He had that plotline in season 1 with Tessa, who we never heard from again after 1 episode. In season 2, we learned that he is a child of two worlds, kidnapped from his home universe. However, we spent more time learning about how this secret impacted Walter and Olivia, then how it impacted Peter. And when we came to the season 2 finale, Peter’s time in his home universe and his time with Walternate were both horribly rushed. We ended up spending 7 episodes in season 3 with Olivia in the alternate universe when it should have been Peter since that is his HOME and is more relevant to him. He had the whole plotline with the shapeshifters in season 3 that was started in RECIPROCITY, which was dropped and never heard from again (only briefly mentioned in season 4).

Please don’t misunderstand me. I have had a wonderful time getting to know Walter and Olivia and Anna Torv and John Noble are EXTREMELY talented actors who both wholeheartedly deserve Emmys like NOW. I just wish that the show would explore Peter to the same extent that they’ve been exploring Walter and Olivia. Peter is a a character in his own right and deserves to be treated so- he is not a plot device or a character that is used to make other characters look good while he looks bad (*cough* season 3 story line *cough*). Even in Novation, we focused more on how Walter and Olivia felt about Peter’s presence than about how Peter felt about where he is. “And Those We’ve Left Behind” was so refreshing since I felt like I really got to know Peter in a way that I never have before. I am extremely loyal to Fringe and will never stop watching it, but I hope that the rest of the season is better. The character and the actor deserves better.

Sorry about this little rant. Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. I watched the video, where Josh said that back in the day. What can I say? They missed the chance to make the show truly great. They had this character with so much potential, the center of the show and they kept dropping the ball for no reason at all. The show has never felt complete, because they have been too lazy or too unwilling to commit to tell a story about all the main characters, and don't get me wrong, I also think Olivia is rather half-baked, but she gets more focus and therefore she's somewhat more developed. Only Walter feels more complete, maybe because his story is also complete.

    The part that gets me is that they lied and deceived and misdirected the fans all this time. They never planned to focus this season on Peter at all. They simply said that to calm down the fans, that demanded more focus on him. So they spent the time making him the focus of interviews and promos, they said this would be Peter's season, only to ram Lincoln and Olivia down our throats in the end. They are the focus this season, not Peter, he still doesn't matter to them at all.

    The result is that this malcontent and betrayed viewer will finish this season and that's it. I don't care if it's renewed and I don't care about their future shows, these producers have been blacklisted.


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