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Peter and Olivia- 1.01 (Pilot)

During this Hiatus from Hell, I'll be posting my favorite Peter/Olivia scenes throughout the series.  What better way to start than to start from the beginning.  I love the scene below where they met for the first time.  The banter between the two of them is fantastic and it really makes you realize how far Peter as a character has come- in the pilot, he wants absolutely nothing to do with Walter and Olivia and this season, he is trying desperately to get back to the both of them.  Note: If you click the title below, it will take you to the video of this scene on Youtube. 

Bagdad, Iraq - Meeting Peter
(helicopter flyover of the city while voiceover from the Federal Building continues)

BROYLES: (in voiceover) So this guy's Walter Bishop's son?

OLIVIA: (in voiceover) His name is Peter Bishop. He's a high-school drop-out, IQ at 190, just 50 points north of genius. Misfit, nomad. Hasn't kept a job longer than two months. He's been a wild land fireman, cargo pilot and briefly a college chemistry professor. He falsified a degree from MIT. He even managed to get a few papers published before he was found out. Sounds like a massive pain in the ass.

(taxicab ride to a well-appointed hotel. meeting with two local businessmen in a private room)

PETER: My resume is hardly traditional, but around these parts traditional increasingly means irrelevant. Hundred billion dollar sunk in infrastructure and you can barely keep the lights on. You need someone to oversee construction on 600 miles of pipeline to carry crude between your fields in Kirkuk and the port of Ceyhan. A job well out of the 'Green Zone', I might add. Well, I'm still alive to do so. You need someone who has a handle on the laws of hydro-dynamic resistance, the heat exchange and oil mixture flows. You'll also need someone who can work with mixed integer programs cause you're gonna have to resize the pipes as you start working across uneven terrain. That is, if you want to keep down the construction costs. (Peter pauses when the two men begin to converse separately in their native language) Truth is, I need this job as much as you need me to do it. (when the businessmen continue their separate chat) ...I also speak Farsi. And 600,000 all-in... sounds fair.

(in the lobby of the hotel)

OLIVIA: Peter Bishop? Olivia Dunham. I'm with the FBI.


OLIVIA: You've heard of flight 627?

PETER: The Hamburg flight, of course.

OLIVIA: You may be able to help us with that.

PETER: No, I think you've got the wrong guy.

OLIVIA: Your father is Walter Bishop.

PETER: The last time somebody asked me that it was an accusation.

OLIVIA: Well, he's the man we're looking to speak with, but due to his current status, you're the only one who can provide us access.

PETER: And what possible help could that man be to you? And what is it exactly that you're expecting me to do? Hop on a plane with you back to Massachusetts? I just got here honey.

OLIVIA: I can have you on a return flight here in four days, but first...

PETER: Let me save you the time. I'd rather stay here in Iraq. That's how much I want to see my father.

OLIVIA: I'm going to beg you as one human being to another. Your father may be able to save someone who is dying. Someone I care about very much.

PETER: Sweetheart, we all care about someone who is dying. I can't help you, I'm sorry.

OLIVIA: I know why you're here. I have your file.

PETER: What file?

OLIVIA: The one the FBI would say doesn't exist. And it has everything. Where you've been, what you're running from. And what you need while you're here. So, either you come with me, or I let certain people know your whereabouts.

PETER: When do we leave?

Transcript Courtesy of FringePedia

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