Thursday, December 22, 2011

Questions That I Hope the Rest of Season 4 Will Answer

The first seven episodes of this season have given us many questions to ponder over the course of the hiatus.  I would like to use this post to list some questions that have been raised that I hope will be answered during the remainder of season 4.

1. Why didn't September erase Peter from existence?  Were his reasons emotional or was it because Peter has an even larger purpose that he has yet to fulfill? 

2. Why were Olivia and Walter seeing Peter during the first few episodes when Peter was never trying to connect with them to begin with (at least maybe consciously)?  What is the content of the dreams that Olivia was having and why was she having such dreams almost EVERY NIGHT?

3. Why was Olivia experiencing time slips during episode 4 and at the end of episode 5?  I can understand that in episode 4, she might have been slipping due to Peter's presence trying to break through, but what accounts for the time slip in episode 5?  If Raymond's device started working at the end of episode 4 (when Peter returned) and hence, occasionally moved time back by 4 years for everyone, why was Olivia (and Peter too) only slipping by mere seconds or minutes?

4. HOW did Peter re-emerge from non-existence?  Based on what we've seen from episode 5, he's just as confused about his presence as everyone else is.  Did he unconsciously will himself into existence or did Walter and/or Olivia have a hand in that?

5. Where was Peter during the first 4 episodes and how does he feel about being a stranger in a strange land?

6. Why didn't time reset itself when Peter returned?  I know that when Peter returned, time weakened a bit so that Raymond's device could work, but beyond that, what other affects were there?

7. What is the story behind Peter's time jumps that were shown in Episode 6?  Were they really the result of Raymond's machine or are they the result of something else going on?  Will we see him jump again?

8. Peter had a ring on at the crime scene in episode 6.  What does it mean, if anything?

9. What is the story behind Nina dosing Olivia with Cortexiphan?  Is the drug responsible for the headaches that she has been having?

10. How will Peter get home?

11. When Peter visits the other side, how will Walternate react to Peter?  Will he have a hidden agenda when it comes to Peter, just like he did in the season 2 finale?

12. What role will the Shapeshifters and David Robert Jones play this season?  How will this plot line tie together with Peter's journey home?

13. When will Lincoln experience a sudden death and leave Peter and Olivia alone?  :)

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