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Thoughts for Episode 4.08 (Back to Where You've Never Been)

HD Promo for Episode 4.08 (Back to Where You've Never Been)

Due to the World Series, Fringe Episode 04.08 (Back to Where You've Never Been) was delayed until January 13th, 2012.  It's times like these where I wish we were in the year 2007 where the World Series was won with 3 games (I know this because, in an ironic twist, this was the headline for the newspaper that Peter picked up when he was in Raymond and Kate's home in episode 04.06 when the year was 2007).  But, I think this actually ends up being a good thing.  We have been promised that episode 8 will be mind blowing and I would probably go insane waiting 1.5 months after seeing such an episode.  Wallflower was dismal and underwhelming and it certainly didn't leave me aching for more.  Thus, having Wallflower as a winter finale was definitely a lot better for my sanity and when we finally do see episode 8, we'll just have to wait another week to see what happens next.

I have some pretty clear ideas regarding what I think will happen in Episode 8 and it will be interesting to revisit this post after the episode has aired to see if my predictions were true.  WARNING- SPOILERS AHEAD!  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

1. David Robert Jones will be revealed to be behind the Shapeshifters that we saw in "Neither Here Nor There" and "Novation."

I think that the idea of Walternate being behind the Shapeshifters is a red herring.  In other words, Walternate is probably a distraction so that viewers don't realize who is really behind the Shapeshifters which I think is David Robert Jones.  In one of her interviews during the really early part of Season 4, the actress who plays Astrid mentioned that Peter may not be the biggest threat to both universes; there may be another, much larger threat that will require both universes to work together.  I think that David Robert Jones and his shapeshifters are this much larger threat.  The fact that he's alive makes perfect sense since it was Peter who shot him as he tried to cross over (was it season 1 or 2?).  What does David Robert Jones hope to do with the shapeshifters?  If this is indeed "Peter's Season," I'm looking to see how all the plot lines are connected to his story, including the one with David Robert Jones.  I think that Jones' presence will really force the team to work closely with Peter which will help Peter to re-integrate himself into this new timeline where (I think) he belongs.

2. Peter and Walternate will lay the foundations towards reconciliation.

There was so much tension building up towards the season 2 finale where Peter and his biological father, Walternate, met up for the first time since he was kidnapped.  In this timeline, circumstances have changed though quite a bit.  In the old timeline, Walternate knew that Peter was alive and was on the other side since Olivia, unknowingly, showed him a picture of herself and Peter that she drew after she had met him (Subject 13).  In the new timeline, Walternate believes that his son is dead.  It will be interesting to see how much more different he is in this new timeline since he never had the hope of Peter's survival to lean on.  I was disappointed by the season 2 finale and how that reconciliation was left hanging and how Peter and Walternate had only one scene together that didn't really reveal much about their current relationship with each other.  If I'm correct and both worlds will have to start working together, then some sort of understanding needs to pass between Peter and Walternate that will enable them to work together. 

2. Peter will have to go to the other side in order to either a) Acquire parts for the machine that he is planning to rebuild or b) Gain their cooperation in helping him to return to his timeline

In the promo, Peter told Olivia that he has to cross over to the other side which begs the question of why.  In the promo, we also see that Peter and Lincoln are crossing over the old fashion way or the way that Walter and Peter crossed over when Peter was young.   What happened to the bridge that we saw in the season 4 premiere?  Why aren't they using it?  Did something happen to the bridge or the machine making it so that Peter and Lincoln can't use it?  If so, does Peter need to cross over to acquire parts to reassemble the machine?  This is one aspect of the plot that completely confuses me- what is it that Peter needs from over there?  Whatever it is, I think he'll be in danger somehow and will need help.  If the people from over here don't sympathize with him, the people from over there most certainly won't and so he'll need help from over here when he gets in trouble.  Which brings me to my next point...

3. Peter will get trapped on the other side somehow and Olivia will rescue him which will trigger her memories of him.

How he'll get trapped, I don't know.  One possibility is that the other observers will find him and try to erase him which might cause September to recruit Olivia for help (which is the scene that we saw in the promo).  It's curious why Olivia doesn't cross over with Lincoln and Peter.  That's why I think that Peter will find himself in trouble- there must be a reason why Olivia is left behind.  The fact that she doesn't volunteer to go with him (and Lincoln does) is consistent with the apathetic feelings she's been having towards Peter so far this season.  It's an interesting contrast to the season 2 finale where she was more than ready to sacrifice her life to cross over and save Peter.

I think what will happen is that September will recruit Olivia's help in crossing over to save Peter.  Olivia will ask him how she is suppose to cross over and help him and September will tell her about her Cortexiphan and how Nina is treating her with it and that it takes a unique combination of fear and love in order to activate the drug and allow her to cross over.  He will tell her that it will help if she thinks about Peter since he is someone that she loves and is afraid of.  I think that the only moment where she has ever felt like that was in her dreams and so she'll lie down (see the scene below), trying to bring the dream to mind in an attempt to gather to necessary emotions to cross over.  I think that this will happen because I remember how in "Novation" Peter made it very clear that Olivia seemed like she was afraid of him.  It must mean something and the questions regarding the content of her dreams haven't really been answered.  I don't exactly know how she is going to save him or what she needs to save him from, but I think that this will be the key to unlocking her memories of him.

Someone brought to my attention that it might be damaging to the character of Peter to have him get himself in trouble and to be in need of rescuing.  I really loved how Olivia saved herself in Season 3 since, sometimes, at the end of the day, the only person who can truly help you and who you can 100% count on is yourself.  I know that Peter will find himself in trouble since trouble seems to always follow him everywhere, but I hope that he finds his own way out of it.  I like the above scenario since it involves Olivia and Peter doubting their perceptions about each other and also gives us a hint about Olivia's dreams, which are two things that I really want out of this episode.  If these things can be done in a way that still maintains the integrity of Peter as a character, then that would be great. 

4. Peter will realize that this new timeline is his home and will realize that this Olivia is his Olivia.  Cue the tears.

One of things that makes Peter so convinced that this isn't his timeline is the fact that no one that he loves remembers him or acknowledges him.  Once Olivia tells him that she does remember him, I think that will be sign that he needs to signify that he is in the right place and time.  I wonder where the relationship will go after that point, if we get to that point at the end of the episode.  Maybe she remembers him, but she refuses to believe that the memories hold any importance to her.  We need a way for Peter to be persistent in pursuing a relationship with THIS Olivia (that he realizes is his Olivia) and for Olivia to be resistant towards pursuing a relationship with him (producing the conflict). 

I honestly don't know where this season is going which is, in part, due to the fact that so little has happened so far this season.  Hopefully, after episode 8, I can talk more about what I hope happens throughout the rest of the season.

In the meantime, I would really like your thoughts on what you think will happen to Peter and Olivia in Episode 8!

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  1. This is such a well-thought out, compartmentalized theory! I love it. And, yes, I concur about the bit in which you spoke about Peter being rescued. I mean, I love the prospect of Olivia coming after Peter and saving him but, seriously, he was essentially a criminal before they met and I'm sure he could handle himself then. And he can do the same thing now. But... what if he realizes that her coming after him is the ONLY way to get her memories to come back?

    Also, I am a firm believer that this Olivia/Universe are his. It's just his Universe is without... well, him. The Olivia lying down in the promo got me nervous, but JJ Abrams is a massive troll, and your "lying down and dreaming/thinking" scheme is both plausible and realistic. I JUST WANT THEM TOGETHER, DEAR LORD. I don't know if Walternate not knowing Peter's alive with benefit or hurt. I mean, did the hope of finding his son make him do the things he did before, or was he acting on his anger that he had been taken and he had no closure? Who knows but those troll-y writers. VIVA LA FRINGE~!


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