Friday, January 13, 2012

Top Seven Reasons Why You Should Watch Fringe- Reason #7

Every day up to the showing of Fringe’s winter premiere episode, I’ll be highlighting one reason why people should watch Fringe. This will ultimately add up to seven reasons. These reasons are in no particular order.

7. Fringe isn’t afraid to CROSS THE LINE

Many shows on television (especially network television) try to always play it safe. Very rarely do they incorporate plot lines that truly change the entire show in profound ways. Fringe is not afraid to pursue plot lines that will put the writers in a tough corner. In fact, sometimes I think that the writers of fringe do this on purpose since they love the challenge of thinking of ways to get themselves out of a tough spot. Television shows shouldn’t just be thinking of new ways to spin old formulas. They should constantly strive to push themselves to find new ways to illuminate the human condition.

At the end of season 3, Fringe provided a shocker of a season finale when it erased from existence one of its primary characters, Peter Bishop. Everyone (fans, non-fans, critics, etc…) was left wondering exactly what had happened and how the show would ever get itself out of the corner that it had placed itself in. Erasing Peter from time changed the entire course of the show and the characters that had come to rely on him. Season 4 starts off in another timeline where our principle characters have lived their lives without Peter. They are significantly changed and many events from the preceding 3 seasons did not happened in this timeline. Most shows would have fumbled with the monumental task of creating this new timeline and of dealing with the ramifications of Peter’s non-existence, but Fringe, so far, has dealt with the task very well, slowly revealing to viewers the differences in this timeline and gradually raising the stakes every episode, creating new external and internal threats for our characters that are alarming and very real. Fringe is using this new timeline as a way to explore the theme of love and it’s absence and the impact that we have on the lives of those around us.

What is unfolding right now is a beautiful and truly unique story that is unlike anything on television right now. I hope that these posts have convinced you to watch Fringe. I promise you, you won’t regret it!

Watch Fringe LIVE Friday, January 13th at 9pm on Fox!

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