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Fringe Episode 4.12 (Welcome to Westfield), 4.13 (A Better Human Being) and 4.14 (The End of All Things)- Part III

1. Peter and Olivia

2. Peter and Walter Relationship

3. The Observers

4. Peter’s journey to go home

5. David Robert Jones’ agenda

6. Olivia and Nina relationship and Olivia’s destiny

7. The character of Lincoln Lee

8. Cases of the week

9. Use of secondary characters

3. The Observers

Although the observers were only touched on in the last episode (episode 4.14), the plot line with the observers is really what everyone is talking about during this hiatus and which I feel will play a major part in the plot as this season wraps up.

When Peter went into September’s mind during the episode THE END OF ALL THINGS, September explained three things to Peter: 1. He explained who the Observers were, 2. He explained why Peter was erased, and 3. He explained what Peter needed to do now. September explained that the observers are scientists from the future and that “September” is a code name that was assigned to him; it’s not his real name (which wasn’t given for some reason). They have access to technology that has enabled them to turn back the clock of time in order to “observe” their beginnings. So, in a way, they are like anthropologists which I found to be fascinating. September also states that they are only ONE of countless possible futures for humanity. I took this to mean that they are the result of a very specific path that has been taken. When you look at all possible futures, there are some things/events that are inevitable and are thus, present across all futures. The fact that the observers exist in only ONE possible future out of many supports the idea that their existence is the result of specific choices/events that didn’t occur in other futures. September also reveals that the observers are HUMANS in the future whereas before I know that a lot of fans thought that they were aliens, machines, robots, etc... So, it’s nice to receive a confirmation that they are humans. But, what has caused them to lose their hair, their taste buds and their emotions? This episode was so great in that it revealed some things about the observers, but it didn’t reveal everything. It kept the mystery of who they are and where they’ve come from alive which to any true fan, is a blessing. Part of what makes the observers so interesting is the mystery that surrounds them. 

September then goes on to explain the mistake that he made after he admits to Peter that he’s done more than just “observe.” He shows Peter the moment where he interrupted Walternate as he was searching for a cure for Peter. It’s interesting how September tells Waltnerate that he is an admirer of his work and that September had the very human desire to simply witness this important moment. I’m assuming that this moment was important since it involved Walternate finding a cure for someone who is very important, Peter. September goes on to say that his mistake caused Walter to cross over and kidnap Peter, initiating a war between two worlds and bringing about a child (Henry) that was never meant to be. If Henry were to have existed, he would have altered everything that was to come (in good or bad ways?) and thus, in order to erase Henry, the observers had to erase Peter. September admits that he didn’t know how Peter continued to bleed through and how he managed to return to physical form. Nevertheless, he feels that now that Peter has returned, he has a chance to make things right. He states that Peter must find the right Olivia for she is the one whom a (?) shared life is meant to spring. I don’t know what exactly September was implying here- whether he was saying that they are suppose to share a life together or that they are (additionally) suppose to create a life (a child) together. Why is this so important? Before I get into my theories about this, I wanted to explain one discrepancy that a lot of people have noticed about this scene

September says that Peter is meant to be with the Olivia from the Blue Universe and that he made a MISTAKE when he distracted Walternate from discovering a cure for Peter. If the mistake ended up bringing Peter to the Blue Universe and hence, closer to Olivia, how is it a mistake? I think that what happened was that September did indeed make a mistake in distracting Walternate from discovering the cure for Peter. If no further intervention was done, then the Peter from the Red Universe would have died. But since he was important, the observers looked at all possible futures and found a way for Peter to be saved through Walter crossing over. They allowed this to happen and September even helped Walter out. Thus, Peter being in closer proximity to Olivia was an unintended consequence of the observers trying to rectify September’s mistake. Even if Peter had never even been brought to the Blue Universe, we can assume that he and Olivia would have found some way to be together (Olivia or Peter would have crossed over). This would naturally be the better path since Peter and Olivia would be together and a war would not exist since Peter would have been raised in his home universe. It’s interesting that the observers never felt the need to intervene in the death of Blue Peter, but Red Peter’s survival was important. What is it about Red Peter that was so different and which made him so important?  My theory is that it was crucial that a Blue Olivia be united with  Red Peter.  I can see how this would be important on a thematic and mythological level, but on a practical level, what would this accomplish?  Would it bring the worlds closer together in ways that the current bridge cannot?

The theory going around currently is that Peter and Olivia are the ancestors of the observers. This would explain a great deal like why Olivia had that connection with the observer child in “Inner Child,” why Peter was able to operate the observer’s gun in “August” and why September is so heavily interested and invested in Peter and Olivia’s future. It would explain why there is only one version of the observers since they are descendents of Peter of whom there is only one version. It would explain how they have acquired the ability to travel between universes since they probably have Cortexiphan in their blood from Olivia. It is likely that the abilities that Cortexiphan bestows on an individual get stronger with every generation such that by the time that you reach the observers, the abilities have become very powerful and controllable. But is Cortexiphan inheritable? Walter took a snippet of Olivia’s hair and was able to see Cortexiphan in her DNA (I think) so I would assume that, yes, it is heritable. It would explain the observers ability to travel through time since they probably use the technology of the machine and the fact that they have Peter’s blood running through them enables them to use such technology. The blue wands that they use are remarkably similar in appearance to the machine. The only flaw in this theory (that I can think of) is the fact that Neil was able to operate the observer’s blue wand (in MAKING ANGELS). But, the even bigger flaw in this theory is that the other Observers seem to be set on removing Peter’s presence in this timeline. Since Henry is still gone even with Peter present, why is it important that Peter still needs to be erased? And why would the observers want to erase someone whom their own existence depends on so heavily?  This is just a theory and so I could be completely wrong in everything that I'm saying here.  :)

Even after this episode, we still don’t know who shot September. Peter and Olivia seem to be asking all the relevant questions that the audience wants to know (Who shot September? Why does Jones need Olivia to cross over when he can do so himself?), but the individuals being questioned failed to give us answers. September says that the question of who shot him is irrelevant. I don’t know whether or not there is any truth to that. Maybe he means that “what is done is done” and how it happened to begin with is irrelevant since it can’t be undone. Or maybe he doesn’t want to say since it might alter things too much. The other question is what happened to September after Peter was removed from his mind and after he told Peter that “they are coming.” He seemed to have vanished, but I think that he was probably taken by the other observers who rewrote things such that they were not seen, the only evidence of their presence being the table that was turned over. Lastly, is there any significance to the fact that September was labeled Mr. X and that his consciousness merged with Peter’s? Does Peter now have a piece of September’s consciousness permanently in his brain (like what happened between Olivia and John Scott) and will he thus play a role in Olivia’s death? There are so many questions to be answered and I worry about how the show will answer them in the 8 episodes that are left in this season.  All of this discussion is making me even more eager for Fringe to return!  Just 6 more days!

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