Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fringe Episode 4.12 (Welcome to Westfield), 4.13 (A Better Human Being) and 4.14 (The End of All Things)- Part VI

1. Peter and Olivia

2. Peter and Walter Relationship

3. The Observers

4. Peter’s journey to go home

5. David Robert Jones’ agenda

6. Olivia and Nina relationship

7. Olivia’s destiny

8. The character of Lincoln Lee

9. Cases of the week

10. Use of secondary characters

6. Olivia and Nina Relationship (Click HERE to listen to the audio)

Because my schedule has gotten quite busy, I will be doing audio reviews of the fringe episodes from this point onwards- it’s just a lot easier than typing out my reviews. I will try to transcribe the notes whenever I have a free moment, but that might not happen until this season is over. I will definitely do full written reviews once the season is over which might be better actually since I’ll have a full picture of the season by that time.

I’m pretty much picking up where my written notes left off: Review of Episode 4.12, 4.13 and 4.14 where I discuss the Olivia and Nina relationship. I also touch on the relationship as it is portrayed in Episode 4.15.

I hope that this is okay. Let me know if you have any problems with the audio and any comments or questions that you have about the audio itself. I would love to hear your comments or questions about what I said and I will definitely try to address any comments in future audio pieces.

Length of Audio: 6 minutes and 52 seconds


  1. Just wanted to say I agree with everything you say in your reviews. Your opinions about the character of Lincoln, his relationship with Olivia, and all the other characters are spot on with what I think. I guess with the newest episode he's not being pushed so much to the background but you gotta admit his chemistry with Fauxlivia is pretty amazing. Be interesting what you think about the newest episode.

  2. Thank you so much for reading/listening to my reviews. I appreciate it so much when people take the time to leave me a comment. I do definitely agree with you on the fact that he has some great chemistry with Fauxliva.

    I'll hopefully get the reviews for the past three episodes up soon!


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