Introduction and Master List

This blog is dedicated to providing thorough and thought-provoking reviews centered on the episodes from the Fox TV show FRINGE.  As you can tell from my web address, I ship Peter (Bacon) and Olivia (Toast) and so my reviews will always highlight in a satisfying and non-overbearing way my thoughts on the two of them and their relationship.  Although I will be reviewing and re-reviewing episodes primarily from the current season (season 4), I will also occasionally review episodes from past seasons and devote entire posts to discussing common themes in Fringe.  In addition, I will also be posting news items whenever I have something in particular that I would like to say about them.  I hope that you enjoy this blog and feel free to let me know if you have any questions!  Comments on posts are always appreciated and encouraged!

Reviews will generally be posted the Sunday following all new episodes

Master List of Episodes Reviewed:

- Episode 04.01- Neither Here Nor There

- Episode 04.02- One Night in October

- Episode 04.03- Alone in the World

- Episode 04.04- Subject 9

- Episode 04.05- Novation

- Episode 04.06- And Those We Left Behind Part I

- Episode 04.06- And Those We Left Behind Part II

- Episode 04.07- Wallflower Part I

- Episode 04.07- Wallflower Part II

- Episode 04.08- Back to Where You've Never Been

- Episode 04.09- Enemy of My Enemy Part I

- Episode 04.09- Enemy of My Enemy Part II

- Episode 04.10- Forced Perspective Part I

- Episode 04.10- Forced Perspective Part II

- Episode 04.11- Making Angels

- Episode 04.12 (Welcome to WestField), 04.13 (A Better Human Being), 04.14 (The End of All Things)
- Episode 04.15- A Short Story About Love

- Episode 04.16- Nothing As It Seems

- Episode 04.17- Everything In Its Right Place

- Episode 04.18- The Consultant

- Episode 04.19- Letters of Transit

- Episode 04.20- Worlds Apart

- Episode 04.21- End Game, Part I

- Episode 04.22- End Game, Part II

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